We are all worried about what awaits us in the future. After our educational years, we can be uncertain of many things. In fact, even before we take our very first step in university, we can be very unsure of what degree to complete.

However, let’s imagine that we have committed to a business management degree and are now looking in the real world for the perfect job, what are our options?

Sales and Marketing

This is the business side of things that deal with potential and existing customers. This is perfect for you if you have the guts and the charm to connect with people.

If you love promoting products or encouraging others to try what you own, then marketing is the position for you.

Here, your position will be involved with the process of sales either as a manager or an actual sales representative.


Operations management is also known as the heart of the business process. This is the business segment that deals with logistics, supply chain and other core related tasks in the overall business operations.

If you are a fan of measuring data and production in general, then this is the goal for you.

In the future, you can even be a general operations manager that is tasked with ensuring the ability of the business to meet its goals.

Finance and Accounting

If you’d rather work with money and numbers, then finance positions should work well for you. In this segment, you will be responsible for reviewing the entire financial heart of the business. This could involve accounting, budgeting and investment.

It is not easy to start your career. It is even harder to maintain and grow your career. What is important, however, is that you carefully look over your options and choose the one that you are most passionate about. This way, you will not have any regrets.

If you are passionate about helping people, perhaps these charitable occupations fit your career path.

If you are also interested in finding a job in Silicon Valley, check out the current state of this region.


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